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This is what it looks like when I resist a polar bear kiss

I've Loved Lions since I was a little girl. Such beauty and majesty with eyes that look as if they can see straight into your soul. One of God's most beautiful creatures!

"i said, i got this.."

adorable baby animals o.g baby animals ? Shuttup a baby polar bear?

Playful: This images of male polar bears play fighting at Cape Churchill, Canada, is among 40 selected for a 'green auction' today

Nature's best: The natural environment's greatest ever images brought to together for 'green auction'

A collection of 40 nature images, including dancing polar bears, tortoises gathered at dawn and a thresher shark caught in a fishing net will be sold in New York to mark Earth Day.

Emperor Penguins with Chick by kelseyinfo

animal-factbook: “Penguin parents can sometimes be overprotective of their young. Due to this, the baby penguin often tries to rebel in subtle ways, such as dancing around when they should be standing.