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PCA - 2013

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki-->I think that maroon suit has been seared into my eyes.

Listen I was eating dinner tonight and my radio randomly turned on and for a bit I couldn't turn it off and I swear I thought I was going to be murdered

My whole family are supernatural fans so one time the lights flickered and before anyone could my mom yeld grab the salt! And we put salt around the house just to be safe

or imitating the dance when you do hear it

Eye of the Tiger - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural; I'm not even a big fan and I can't. I can't even scratch my arm without thinking it.

I love this! #Supernatural

I love this! #Supernatural

<3 these guys! #theybecraycray


this is so sweet, and I refuse that this scene happened any other way than this. Cas was so happy to see Gabe he tackled him that's my headcannon done fight me

Me with Supernatural

I love the fact that it is Jared Padalecki asking this in Gilmore Girls because that is exactly how the Supernatural fandom is described. And Doctor Who.

Oh god

You could say it's Supernatural. I ared i h a m Dose: TIDE DU 42 h ester: but guys WHAT IF i am laughing so har supernatural Lord Farquaad face swap

I don’t see a problem?

I don’t see a problem?


lock the door. LOVE that last comment! << I have become Becky Rosen - Winchester<< are you telling me that only ONE person would lock the door in the Spn family? I would lock the door