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Great site about the RMS Titanic. All sorts of great stories. pinning for Dee. Oh why he likes the history of the Titanic so much. doesn't matter, my baby loves history.

Last photo taken of the RMS Titanic – Sailing away from Queenstown, Ireland.

April "Titanic" leaves Queenstown, Ireland and sets sail for New York. Thought to be the last photograph of "Titanic"

Titanic- always liked this picture

A poll taken by Disaronno, voted Titanic's front-of-ship scene, in which Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose Bukater (Kate Winslet) go to the front of the doomed cruise liner and pretend to fly, the most romantic movie moment of all time.

Life boats from HMAS SYDNEY II went down with all hands 19 November 1941.

Great Grandmother Lily Florence Mutch: One of the HMAS Sydney lifeboats found among the ship's debris. It sunk in 1941 with her second husband Hector McDonald Mutch on board.

The 'unsinkable' Titanic, did sink, two and a half hours after striking an iceberg, on April 14, 1912. 1600 of her passengers and crew perished with her. The suffragettes of 1912 were incensed that the policy of 'women and children first,' which led to a death ratio of nine men for every one woman, saying that it was little more than a patriarchal sentiment that hid an agenda of suppression.

A stirring tribute to the men and boys who gave their lives so that women and children could live. Performed by the gifted baritone Charlie Zahm.

Titanic Deception - The Federal Reserve's Connection to the Sinking of t...

The sinking of the Titanic was a disaster on a monumental scale, ending with the deaths of passengers in the frigid Atlantic Ocean. It& been elevated to one of those moments in history that.

Titanic at the fitters quay with her three functioning funnels installed. The fourth dummy funnel was added to make the ship look more impressive.

In this April 10, 1912 photo the Titanic leaves Southampton, England. The tragic sinking of the Titanic nearly a century ago can be blamed, some believe, on low grade rivets that the ship's builders used on some parts of the ill-fated liner. (Associated Press) #

Titanic at 100 years

In this April 1912 file photo, the liner Titanic leaves Southampton, England on her maiden voyage to NYC

This vivid image was taken just before the Titanic set sail, as she leaves her port of origin, Southampton. No one knows what caused the fatal crash precisely, while many believe it had something to do with low grade rivets.

20 Real Pictures Of The Titanic Disaster Titanic tragedy was a big one, and one that claimed the lives of innocent people…. It’s more than a hundred years since the RMS Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage.