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Located in the small village of Jukkasjärvi in northern Sweden 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. The world’s first and largest hotel built out of snow and ice.

The ice hotel, Lapland. We went here during a trip to Lapland on our way to the place we were staying.

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The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi (Sweden): Its out-of-this-world design has gained recognition from visitors around the globe and has spawned imitations in Norway, Romania, Canada, and Alaska.

Ice Hotel, Sweden + travel

Mesmerize yourself with the artictic sculptures at the Ice Hotel. The world famous Ice Hotel is located at.

travelandseetheworld:  Ice Hotel in Jukkasjrvi, Sweden. Not sure I would want to stay the night, but it’s so beautiful! so awesome!!

A Hotel Made Of Ice

The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. What better place to say forever than a transient, ephemeral art project of ice and snow? Embrace those depressing odds! (You can learn about ice.

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Reasons to Travel to Sweden During Winter This is a picture of what I think is the WOLRDS GREATEST AND COOLEST Ice Hotel in Sweden. This is a one point perspective because the heaven door looking thing is the main focal point.

Ice hotel-Sweden.  One day I'll sleep in a room carved out of ice and sleep on reindeer fur with someone incredible!

IT'S UNBEARABLY HOT OUT: Cool Off On A Tour Of Sweden's Frosty Ice Hotel

Staying the the Ice Hotel in is probably one of the most unique experiences you could ever have! What do you think about sleeping on an icy bed for a couple of nights?

Evolution Suite at Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel, Sweden (by Johan Assarsson)

Evolution Suite at Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel, Sweden (by Johan Assarsson) Darling PIps remember our trip together with Ozz .

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The IceHotel, Sweden: Reception – ice sculptures are found all over the…

icehotel in jukkasjärvi, artists....around the world...temporary hotel created from snow and ice each winter.....

icehotel in jukkasjärvi, sweden.temporary hotel created from snow and ice each winter.

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Drink in an IceBar - The bar in the Ice Hotel Sweden The hotel is run during the winter months, and after the summer meltdown needs to be rebuilt. The experience of staying in one of the world’s ice hotels is truly a unique travel experience for patrons.