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holly bonsai

come and find out how to grow a holly bonsai tree!

Ilex Crenata 'Kinme' Bonsai (Cloud Tree) Japanese Holly - Tuscan

Affordable Tuscan variety of Japanese classic. Ilex Crenata Kinme is also known as the Cloud Tree, Japanese Holly Topiary and Ilex Crenata Japanese Kinme.

RK:盆栽国風展:Expositions - 2013 - Bonsai Empire

I have been keeping bonsai for many years and just save photos as I come across them. To view some of these wonderful plants please view this gallery, you can click an image for a slideshow ……

Bonsai Versions of the Worlds Tallest Tree

A stunning gallery of beautiful Bonsai versions of the tallest tree species in the world, the Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens).

Qingquan Zhao - Acer palmatum

This remarkable Japanese maple planting shows a refined yet natural sensibility. It’s just a little fuzzy, but still, it’s hard to miss Zhou’s sure eye and deft touch.