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Dione moneta ˚ beautiful .... amazing photography

Dione moneta butterfly~Looks like a Monarch with a little glow to the wings~

So pretty

Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly ( Tirumala septentrionis ), a common butterfly in Malaysian forest edge, by Zulkifli Ishak.

myosotis92:  orchidaorchid:  Buterflies by bascuta_bleu / blue_hat  @♡ ✦࿐ ❀

Love, Passion, Empathy, Compassion — orchidaorchid: Buterflies by bascuta_bleu /.

.Awesome! I really love this one

Purple Butterflies - This is an example of UNITY. All of the butterflies are the same color and size. The picture fits together very well and it's all connected together by the color and shapes.


Butterfly - I know that Heaven will have a garden with more colors than we can imagine: Beautiful Butterflies, Butterflies Dragonflies Moths, Flutterby, Butterfly Moth

Every time I see a butterfly, I know that good luck is coming. Such special creatures, they are. Glassy blue tiger #butterfly, #Thailand

The Blue Glassy Tiger (Ideopsis vulgaris). The sun-loving adults are slow and undulating in flight, and prefers open but sheltered environments.