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25 Hilarious Vintage Comic Book Covers

All Star Comics #35, July 1947, cover by Irwin Hasen

All-Star Comics July cover by Irwin Hasen America Vs The Justice Society April cover by Jerry Ordway JSA June cover by Alex Ross

The Red Bee first appeared in Hit Comics #1, July, 1940. His secret identity is Richard Raleigh, an assistant DA in Oregon.  He used trained bees and a stinger gun to fight criminals and Nazi saboteurs.  The rights to the character now belong to DC and the Red Bee has appeared in some titles as has his grandniece--who appears to have retired.

1996 re-creations by Murphy Anderson of Lou Fine’s classic Golden Age covers to Hit Comics originally published by Quality Comics, July and Fantastic Comics originally published by Fox,.

Marvel Comics' Strange Tales.  | comic art inspiration | digital media arts college | www.dmac.edu | 561.391.1148

Here's some more monster-size fun from Marvel Comics' Strange Tales . Strange Tales November Cover by Jack Kirby.

BAT-HISTORY, DEC 1940 - The first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, debuted in All Star Comics #3. Although not initially featured as members of the team, Batman and Superman were later revealed to be honorary members and would play major roles in both the JSA and later JLA.

'The Avengers': The First All-Star Movie By Design

One of DC comics first superhero team, the Justice Society of America, debuted in All Star Comics Several of my favorite heroes, the Sandman and Hourman were JSA members.

1967 Alley Award: Adventure Book with the Main Character in the Title - The Amazing Spider-Man  (Marvel Comics)

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