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No one knew what his face looked like, or his real name. They only knew him by his alias-Obituary. He was a Disenchanted.

writing prompt-Using this prompt, I began writing a novel last Thursday. I am on chapter ten of my first draft.

Writing Prompt: The hardest part about having a book of demon-summoning rituals is deciding which one to try first.

"How about we start by me ripping out those brains you seem not to be using?"

writing prompt/ dialogue prompt: "How about we start b taking out those wires that you seemed to have shoved into your leg?

write a story about a character who has the most common name in the world, and is obsessed with taking grave rubbings of tombstones with this name on it. <<<I really like this idea, so I'm keeping it there. Like a bonus prompt.

Humans have succeeded in space travel and have arrived on a planet. You are an alien whose backyard these humans have landed in.

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writing prompt

writing prompt - Someone is sitting on a park bench reading a news article about a recent string of crimes.

writing prompt

Asa records/plants a camera in a mixed race slave hut, then watches from the Puni-Whymplerian Palace to "keep in touch" with her people?

"You know, it's exactly that kind of attitude that leaves me with an out of control workload." He snapped. "It's job security." "I am not getting paid enough for this.

Someone else’s problem.

Black shoes clicked on the tiles as an unseen person approached. Death stood over his body, her hand on her face, muttering profanities about how easily humans waste lives.


Powerful stories.

prompt / You are a healer who only accepts stories for payment because you draw your power from them. The more original the tale, the stronger the effect.

"You just told me to follow you." "Yeah, well that's different. You know, if I were to tell you to cut the rope on the middle of a bridge over a deep, foreboding chasm so that you would plummet down into the water because it would help you somehow, don't do it. Following me, however, is a whole different story."

dialogue prompt---he said, then turned around and screamed his battle cry, and ran into the action, once I saw the sword pierce him, I knelt down and screamed