Arman Akopian Cover illustration for the book of the "Gnome Saga" trilogy by Kenny Soward from "Ragnarok" .

Innkeepers daughter by LKivihall on DeviantArt

f Halfling Townsperson Innkeepers Daughter urban farmland hills forest by LKivihall on DeviantArt


caitercates: “Badass lady dwarf blacksmith who works with magic metals. warmup sketch for the night - trying to do more loose stuff that looks like my pencil drawings, feel like I’m getting somewhere. Also I really wanted to draw a buff dwarf babe.

artist name bare shoulders black background blush breasts brown eyes collarbone commentary cracked skin eyebrows visible through hair full body hair ornament hair over one eye hair up hairpin head tilt highres hone onna japanese clothes jigoku shoujo