Volkswagen 21 Window Micro Bus

21-Window Deluxe Volkswagen Type 2

This Beautifully Restored 1965 Volkswagen Deluxe Micro Bus Is For Sale

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1966 VW Volkswagen 21 Window Bus One day!!!!! Maybe....

1966 VW Volkswagen 21 Window Bus - Rare Hard to Find 1966 VW Volkswagen 21 Window Bus in a Beautiful and Fully Restored Condition, Super Rare! Classic Auto Show Trophy Winner!

1964 VW Type 2 Deluxe 13 Window Bus

Volkswagen : Other Micro Bus

21 window, micro bus, 1966, bus, transporter, deluxe

Volkswagen : Bus/Vanagon Deluxe

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1966 Volkswagen Bus For Sale is a Blue, White 1966 Volkswagen Bus Classic Car in Marina Del Rey CA .this would be the greatest birthday gift ;

Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter, Samba Edition, 1966

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VW Bus

a beautifully restored Samba bus; the original Samba had one extra window on the side (in the back above the engine compartment) and small windows in the roof along the gutters.

1963 Volkswagen Microbus

Volkswagen : Bus/Vanagon Microbus I have to have this, I need this.


1970 shortened VW Microbus- the only way I would buy a Bay Window. This looks like fun.