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Head in hands pose. On the fence whether I want to try this or not. Obviously it's a bit unnatural, but it is pretty cute.

Newborn shots - safety first! A lot of newborn shoots are composites. This is your PSA for the day ;


newborn newborn-photos I love newborn Bella! Newborn Baby Boy Picture with baseball glove Sons of Anarchy newborn pic.


Family Photography Ideas: Baby in a bath tub in the window with bubbles - my Mom has this same pic of me when I was a baby! So fun to carry on the tradition :)

Everyone always takes pictures of baby growing with mom holding, why not dad!

Cosas que jamás me dijeron sobre tener una hija. Escrito por un papá enamorado

Baby & Dad - Newborn Photography i cant begin to explain how much i love this pose! from the kiss on the head to the baby holding daddy's thumbs! omg this melts my heart!

http://pinkletoesblogstalker.com/newborn.html  For later on in life..I LOVE this ladies website

mom and dad with newborn pose :) perfect! Newborn shoot ideas Newborn with his dad


creative tips and ideas for taking better baby photos. these are the simple things you lose in your memorytips for taking better baby photos