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Советские плакаты, посвященные космической тематике. длиннопост, космонавтика, космос, Гагарин, плакат, ссср

Cccp / Soviet ☭ Original Soviet space race propaganda posters for auction.

Labor will become the lord of the world! | OldBrochures.com

The Labour Shall Be The Ruling Force of The World, Sergei Chekhonin, book illustration,

" Unwanted guest get a present from Red ( Soviet) Fleet " : Soviet (Russian) Propaganda Posters During

Dym trub. Dykhan'e Sovetskoi Rossii. 1917-21 (the smoke of chimneys is the breath of soviet russia)  poster collection at nypl

Smoke of chimneys is the breath of Soviet Russia - Category:Posters of the Soviet Union - Wikimedia Commons

Soviet Space Era propaganda poster (1960s) Text: We are friends and in space we create peace!

Cccp / Soviet ☭ Space will be ours. We are creative and friendly and clever / We"re making Space to be peaceful forever PROPAGANDA Soviet poster, ussr, 1982