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City Hunter. Based on 1985(?) manga/anime. This is great! Action packed and the character is awesome. This role was made for LMH.

City Hunter - Korean Drama 2011

(Title: City Hunter Korean Series: 20 episodes Action/Romance Main Actors: - Lee Min Ho - Park Min Young A story of revenge and love.) Love the way they say, "City Hunter " in english. Mysteries revealed and good story line.

City Hunter -- That spoon fighting scene ruled. As did when he beat the crap out of Haircut with a water bottle.

City Hunter -If you've seen this show, this is actually really funny.

City Hunter, Lee Min Ho is cool! (Why does he look better in skinny jeans than I ever will!?)

city hunter - ❤ Lee Min Ho李敏鎬Hangul이민호-This is when I start t like him ❤❤❤

City Hunter  ...  LOVED IT.... Loved it.. loved it! The first episode is back story... so you have to push through it.. but once our lead shows up... the show becomes epic.

City Hunter - Lee Min-Ho + Park Min-Young, the so called MinMin couple, I could not ask for more. I watched this drama twice. lol Superb directing, scriptwriting and acting.

City Hunter: that moment when you don't recognize your fav actor, lee min…

Happy Birthday Lee Min Ho!

Of course that's Lee Min Ho. The flawless hair? Yes, that is Lee Min Ho in all of his smoldering glory.

Which is your favorite Lee Min Ho role? #kdrama

Which is your favorite Lee Min Ho role? so far, I'm liking City Hunter.but BoF was the first time I saw Lee Min Ho! Plus I liked him in the Heirs.

10 ways to get your friends to watch K-dramas

10 ways to get your friends to watch K-dramas

City Hunter because everyone wants a winking lee min ho on their board

Lee Min Ho....City Hunter

Lee Min Ho ♥ Boys Over Flowers ♥ Personal Taste ♥ City Hunter ♥ Faith