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"The Tango Lesson" (La lección de tango) de Sally Potter. Premio oficial a la Mejor Película - 13° Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata

The Tango Lesson is a 1997 drama film by British director Sally Potter. It is a semi-autobiographical film starring Potter and Pablo Verón, about Argentinian Tango

The music's in you head - all you have to do is listen - the rhythm is in you body so let go.

It's in your heart and in your soul to dance the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires

Assassination Tango - Robert Duvall - Luciana Pedraza

When taking lessons of Tango in Atlanta, you are in a good company. Have you seen his movie Assassination Tango?

Poetry in Motion ✔

This 82 year old man was encouraging everyone in the square to dance the Tango.

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The third dance in the history of dance done with the man and woman facing each other is the Tango.