Bösen Wolf, schwarz-weiß-Kunst, Freihandzeichnung, tierische Kunst Ink Splatter, Wolf Gesicht, Sketch Kunst, Archival Fine Art Print, Wolf drucken

Angry Wolf Black and White Art Ink Drawing by BlackraptorArt (Cool Sketches Negative Space)

3 Fases da Lua: A Magia da Lei de Três.- COMPARTILHANDO

The Book of Deacon~Fun trilogy. The first novel in the Book of Deacon series tells the tale of Myranda Celeste, a young woman orphaned by a century-long war. Her discovery of a fallen soldier's priceless cargo leads her on a magical journey like no other.

personal charecter wizard changling wolf-kind

Prize for for the last contest. It's his werewolf character, and my instructions were for him to be beating up a vampire or something, and for him to look badass. I went for a really garish, old pu.

Night of 1000 Wolves #3 alternate cover  Michael Manomivibul

Night of 1000 Wolves alternate cover Michael Manomivibul (werewolf of the shadows betraying the shadows to the light but its a full moon)

werewolf artwork - Google Search

With her friends burning at the stake, a witch summons a werewolf to save them, but at an incredible price: the creature she summons is the creature she'll become. <<< Pinning because of this comment, which has so much potential storywise.