Total BLACK DEATH! !!!

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My feelings exactly

We cannot defend the first Amendment without the second Amendment. American Patriots ~ RADICAL Rational Americans Defending Individual Choice And Liberty

Amen !

JET Graphics - Army Veteran Sign We need this in place of our private property sign!

Twice, once for me

Fear the bearded whisky drinking, Cope dipping, round firing, freedom providing service members!

Well put

This would have been amusing to be behind the veteran and eavesdrop to this conversation. Respect good sir☺ (Good Post, excuse the bad word.

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To Mayor Bloomberg, the average age of the soldier/sailor/Marine defending you is Too bad you weren't that responsible.

Su clase de historia es muy interesante y divertida. En clase, el escribe mucho.

If World War 2 Was A Bar Fight.finally an easy way to understand history! Great way to help kids understand but instead of calling it a "bar fight" I would probably make it a food fight for fun.

He was the funniest man that ever lived

Laugh Out Loud Quotes by George Carlin. Hysterically funny, George cut through to the heart of every subject and found the humor in it. He was brilliant and fearless. The best comedian ever to mess with our heads. I miss you, George.

Murphy's laws of combat

21 Murphy’s Laws Of Combat That Could Save Lives