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images of mass effect...

Spectre Status Recognized literally everytime I walk in the specter office I yell RECOGNIZE!

Did this for the mass effect tribute . Was glad to be a part talented group of artists .

I usually keep my renegade eyes until either after I recruit Thane (If I plan to romance him) or just before Garrus's loyalty mission. If I'm not romancing either of them, I do it after Zaeed's mission because in my RP mind, he shows me who I don't want to be when I grow old.

Hey, it looks badass and besides I'm not willing to give up renegading or pay that much for the med bay upgrade

Mass effect <3 - this is why I love you Garrus.

Garrus - "Soulmate" I feel as if I missed an entire game by not playing as FemShep

Oh my god. This is the truth now. Whoever thought of this should be a writer.

Ending Spoilers. "May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead." Quotes used from the goodbye scene with Garrus. Like many, Mass Effect 3 was an emotional roller coa.