Dangerous or lethal? Seems like an easy pic. Then why do many girls go for dangerous?

Writing About Writing (And Occasionally Some Writing): Personal Attax! All Hate August goes on.  Open relationships, sweaty man sex, and constructive criticism (sort of). It's all about the personal attacks this week.

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That's right

So true! Why do people not understand this! People change everyday because they realize things and become more mature! Not because they are becoming something of a monster! Just deal with it and eventually you will see the same things.

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He said that I was messy, unorganized, that I had no plan for my future. That is exactly what I'll do. I'll rise above and become successful and happy without him.

Quote by Rachel Wolchin, There are devilish thoughts even in the most angelic minds

Hater Truth

Have you met a hater doing better than you? life quotes quotes quote life fitness workout motivation exercise motivate fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes hater This.

Never have. Never will.

I am an alpha female. We don't play well with many other females for the simple fact, our personalities are just too strong but my heart is still soft. The fact some females NEED a tag along says a lot, just sayin!

Bars? I raise them. Lives? I change them #bossbabe

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Behind every  bad bitch  is a sweet girl who got tired of everyones bullshit

Someone from Sydney, New South Wales, AU posted a whisper, which reads "Behind every bad bitch is a sweet girl who got tired of everyones bullshit"

I wish I could stop!

You will never have to force anything that's truly meant to be. I gotta REMEMBER this!