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Madame Elisabeth de France, sister of Louis XVI, who perished with him and his family.  By Mme. Vigee Le Brun c. 1782, at the Palace of Versailles.

Élisabeth-Louise Vigée-Lébrun - Elisabeth of France called Madame Elizabeth,

Elisabeth de Bourbon (1764–1794), Princess of France, 'Madame Elisabeth' by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun

Close friend of MA - Elisabeth de Bourbon 1764 1794 princess of france Madame Elisabeth - sister of Louis XVI

Mme Elisabeth

"In the name of your mother, monsieur, cover me." the last words of Madame Elisabeth, the sister of Louis XVI, to her executioner; her neckerchief had come loose and fallen to the ground as she was strapped to the plank of the guillotine.

Madame Victoire de France, (1733-1799),seventh legitimate child of Louis XV, by Anne Vallayer-Coster (Versailles)

Marie-Louise-Thérèse-Victoire de France dite Madame Victoire by…

Miniatura de Madame Elisabeth ,por Maximillien Villers 1788

1788 Elizabeth Philippine Marie Helene of France sister of Louis XVI, wearing purple open robe over white dress and white fichu, her blue waistsash held with a pearl-edged buckle bearing initial L by Maximilien Villers

Portrait of Madame Adélaïde by Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (French, 1787). Oil on canvas. Palace of Versailles. The three profiles are, from left to right: the Dauphin (brother of Mme Adélaïde), Marie Leczinska (mother of Mme Adélaïde), and Louis XV (father of Mme Adélaïde).

Labille-Guiard’s Portrait of Madame Adélaïde oil on canvas Madame Adélaïde de France was the daughter of Louis XV. Like Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, Madame Adélaïde de France also enjoys the arts as shown on the painting.

Una linda hija vino a alegrar su vida...

Marie Thérèse Charlotte de France, the first daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, was born December in *Little Miss Indepenent* :)

Emilie Seriziat by Jacques-Louis David, 1795

Madame-Seriziat Jacques-Louis-David 1795 - in Western fashion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

King Louis XVI would be dead in less than 6 months later. Description from antiquewarehouse.ca. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Dauphin Louis-Auguste of France,King Louis XVI of August January of Louis,Dauphin of France & Duchess Maria Josepha of Saxony of France 10 May September Archduchess Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna of Austria on 16 May

Portrait de Félicité Louise de Frézals, née Esmangard de Beauval, dernière dame d'atour de Marie-Antoinette, avec une guitare et une partition de musique, 1785 artiste anonyme

Madame Élisabeth’s very bouffant coiffure ends in large curls on her shoulders in this portrait showing her in casual dress.