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Playing Cards Deconstructed with Royal Pips by USPCC by Tomas Leszczynski — Kickstarter

Tomas Leszczynski is raising funds for Playing Cards Deconstructed with Royal Pips by USPCC on Kickstarter! We take the elements of court cards and bring them into individual pips, which become Royal Pips.

Cartes à jouer

"Pack of Dogs” playing cards designed by John Littleboy in 2006 & produced by Inky Dinky. The other three decks are Mermaid Queen, Bag of Bones, & Kitten Club.

Revealed within the Black Book of Cards is a typographic design using type to create form and pattern covering each card with words like the pages within a book.  The traditional court card faces that we all know so well come to life as typographic portraits.  The meticulous process of building each word to form the faces delivers an almost life-like and tangible appearance without the use of shading.

Intricate Typographic Card Deck Matches Your Personality To Your Birthday

Playhouse Deck Cards | Studio TREPAN Design

Playhouse Cards by Niké Dimopoulou and Nikolas Arnis of Studio Entice

New Food

If you're seeking to jazz up your own kitchen, here are three must-have food and drink products: Savino Connoisseur, Joco Cup, Le Creuset Black and White


Corporate Design and production for the very talented Tim John, a scenographer in Hamburg.The business cards look a bit like playing cards, to support his playful and very creative style.

playhouse deck cards. Created by trepan-knave.

Created by trepan-knave.