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Soft Autumn is Reddish but not red hair...these are the wows...and there is always a mix of colour in natural soft autumn hair and it's both medium in light and value, value being not bright but more on the metallic side, reflecting light in a soft and subtle way. REPEATING THE COLOUR IN EYES by drawing it out with more of the same in highlighting, and  close to the face, makes the eyes pop.

A woman wrote a little rant about the lacks of seasonal color theory. The seasonal color analysis is created by.

The best dress, make-up and jewelry colors for the 12 color types. Find your board, and see what is flattering you. Look attractive in your best colors!

Ther best colors of the color types

What are the best colors for the 12 color types? The best jewelry, make-up and dress colors for each color types. Find your most flattering colors!

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm "technically" a soft summer or a soft autumn. The palettes overlap a lot.

"With the Soft Autumn tone are the colours of a giving earth. Natural and nurturing, the Soft Autumn hues glow in the richness of the world around us".

‘Rich, warm and spicy, the lively colors of the Dark Autumn tone, like those of a crackling fire, are vibrant, energetic and exciting. Gypsy-like, this tone is capable of portraying an array of personalities.’

Kathryn Kalisz (Munsell Master Colorist and inventor of SciART PCA) Original SciART Analyst Guide sheet for Dark Autumn