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plenty of colour - feather

fluffy rainbow marabou feathers on a window in the rain. Oh the little things



Ecuador - Upper Amazonia | Pair of ear ornaments ('akitiai') from the Shuar people; beetle wings, toucan feather/feathers, wood, vegetal fiber, glass bead/beads | ca. 1930

Beetlewing covers, toucan feathers, plant fibers, glass beads,ca. 1930 These iridescent.

aerial images hindu color festival katrin korfmann 3 pic on Design You Trust

German artist Katrin Korfmann flew high above the Hindu ritual known as Holi to capture the famous event that sees thousands of people throw coloured powder and perfumes at each other.

오늘의 한문공부 248회(7월7일)  君子不鏡於水, 而鏡於人-墨子-  군자불경어수 이경어인.  군자는 물을 거울로 삼지 않고 사람을 거울로 삼는다.  鏡;거울 경. 마부작침(摩斧作針)

Rainbow at Old Key West, Florida. So that's what the end of a rainbow looks like. Where's the pot of gold?

obsession with feathers and headresses

obsession with feathers and headresses