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Alleged photo of a real grey, captured by U.S. Military

Aliens are demons in disguise as Confirmed by FBI website: Not intergalactic beings but interdimensional. Referred to esotericists. photo of a real grey, captured by U.

Wampus Cat

Said to stalk the mountains of East Tennessee, the Wampus cat is a creature described as some kind of fearsome variation on a cougar.

Poor, dead DOGS --"Two Chupacabra’s Shot In North Texas… Animal Control Office Frank Hackett described the animal involved in the most recent sightings: “All I know is, it wasn’t normal. It was ugly, real ugly. I’m not going to tell no lie on that one.

What is apparently the original Minnesota Iceman was sold on eBay in 2013 to Steve Busti, owner of the Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas, where it is currently on display for an extra $4.

In the the Minnesota Iceman was put on display but disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The creature has been found once again and will be on display again. Is this the missing proof of Bigfoot?

.And here is the chupacabra, or at least the preserved 5-ft-tall corpse of one!

😂 And here is the chupacabra, or at least the preserved corpse of one!

crashed alien in russia

This is allegedly a video of a crashed UFO and dead alien from somewhere in Russia.

"The SERPENT and the EYE" - Archeological Evidence Linking Reptilian Origins to Anunnaki/and Biblical History? - The Ubaid

the serpents of wisdom? the original long-heads? --These enigmatic figurines, dated to the so-called Ubaid period in Ur to 4000 BC) were unearthed by Sir Charles Leonard Woolley in the in Mesopotamia