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Twin girls who've been cursed with immortality. Seeing their families dies around them and all their friends as well, scarred them for life. Now they live a life in violence. One seeks to protect while the other destroys. They often fight each other.

People of Color in European Art History : Photo

turakamu: “sourcedumal: “sourcedumal: “nickroblesart: “Elven Knight Paint Sketch Still really dig how this looks! And he has the high top fade…. glory… ” Ok, bringing this back because IT’S A GODDAMN ELF WITH A HIGH TOP.

Desert elf by perplexingly                                                                                                                                                                                 More

When Idris, who's had many names, but today he is idris, was quite the musician in his youth. Desert elf by perplexingly

25 Beautiful and Realistic 3D Character Designs and Models for your inspiration

50 Realistic 3D Models and Character Designs for your inspiration

Realistic Character Designs and Models for Inspiration. In this post we have added Realistic Character Designs and Models created by igor catto, anth