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40 common radicals in Chinese (Simplified)~~~~~Getting back to learning my  mandarin.

Learning Mandarin Chinese Words, 40 Most Common Characters

I wonder if my daughter has started learning these yet 40 common radicals in Chinese (Simplified)

It is all about heart - 心 (xīn)! The Chinese words containing " 心 " are somehow related to thought, heart or soul.

"Xin" means Heart in Chinese. Things concerning the matter of the heart. Mandarin Chinese From Scratch: Chinese Word Building.

Chinese Writing Strokes

Chinese Writing Strokes All Chinese characters are written with basic strokes according to a set of the writing rules. Learning the fundamental strokes

Hanbridge Mandarin Study Card--Chinese character "出“, the common phrase is "出口” (exit)

Take Chinese Characters Course online, you will master 200 of the most frequently used characters after the completion of our Chinese Characters course.

单子反义词。Antonym (single-word) Part 1---chinese  but good list for any language/vocab/translation work

单子反义词。Antonym (single-word) Part but good list for any language/vocab/translation work


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Arch Chinese allows serious Chinese language learners to generate Chinese character writing worksheets for offline practice after view the Chinese character stroke order animations online at http://www.archchinese.com/arch_animation.html

Arch Chinese Handwriting Practice Worksheets

The adoption in around the century CE of kanji by the Japanese from Chinese emissaries was a blessing for the Japanese language since it was the first time