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Gangster Clown Back Tattoo

Gangster Clown Back Tattoo

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Absolutely love this blackout sleeve that fades into a small and subtle geometric design. Tattoo work like this super unique and creative.

The black outlining mixed with the colored ink is really nice

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你(妳)認為怎麼樣的男生才是一位有個性的壞壞男呢,在蒐集了網路相關資料後,得出一個結論,那就是如果要有形,油頭加上刺青絕對會是不可或缺的元素,而這個元素其實從以前就有流行,直到目前又流行回來的復古熱,再度讓油頭 X 刺青被大家所重視,像是眾所皆知的貝克漢貝帥,就是一位油頭 X 刺青的最佳典範,而壞壞男的感覺又搭配上愛家的形象更讓他受到全球網友的青睞。接著就來看看有哪些精選的油頭刺青型男入選吧。

I have an anchor tattoo that I want, and I think from looking at this photo, I have found the place that I want it.

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Tattoo Regrets