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I don't forget Seborga, even though I know nothing about him, but still call Feliciano and Lovino the Italy brothers.  *shrug*

Ngh, to be honest the three of them being one country kind of frustrates me, but whatever, I'll just have to fucking deal with it XD >>> I don't really consider Seborga a part of the family, I think of him as a background character.

Italy is kissing Austria or whatever, Austria  HATES him or I might be wrong......................

When u try to leave the hetalia fandom, and you find this. and u realize there is no escape XD

Japan, thank you for saying what needed to be said.

LOL i don't ship gerita, but this is so funny!<<< who the fuck do you ship with Germany or Italy if you don't ship gerita?

Prussia, Hetalia Fan Art - February, 25,1947 The kingdom of Prussia was officially dissolved.

Prussia, Hetalia Fan Art - February, The kingdom of Prussia was officially dissolved. <<<OMG PRUSSIA D:

"The BFT Second Gen (Matthew, Lovino, Ludwig) dress up as their older guardians (Francis, Antonio, Gilbert). Mega-cuteness ensues. By the way, I think (THINK, okay!) that "Kiss" is an onomatopoeia for the sound of the camera, based off another similar comic I've seen. - Artist unknown (but too cute not to pin!)"

Hetalia ~ Canada, France, Romano, Spain, Germany and Prussia

Dat ass by Hubedihubbe

I know, over using the Macarena. … I like the Macarena…

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SuFin and Sealand. <--- Their absolutely hands down the happiest pair in the world.<---- They are absolutely hands down the only canon gay ship in Hetalia besides for Russia and Lithuania


DON'T CRY AMERICA: I'm sorry guys! Don't worry guys this last I the tears.

El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-:

[El Dorado Hetalia crossover<<<Are we gonna ignore fruk or-] Hmmm. I'm not really a big shipper of RusAme, but this crossover of El Dorado and Hetalia made my day.