Andre Eve Garden, France - photo by Clive Nichols. I need this to be my back yard.

Foxglove, snapdragon, roses and daisies - charming!

Foxglove, snapdragon, roses and daisies - charming! Call Canete Landscape to receive the best job:

Shades of pink...

colors, English garden inspiration (pink roses, purple thistles, dark-leaved actea and heuchera, variegated grasses)

Digitalis 'Foxlight' 'Foxlight' comes along sporting outward-facing, red, plum, or rose flowers on sturdy stems that grow only 20-24 inches high. All three varieties, 'Ruby Glow', 'Rose Ivory', and 'Plum Gold' are also prized for their willingness to bloom from April to September.

New Perennials for 2015

Digitalis 'Foxlight' flowers for 7 months 2 ft. full sun also try. Ruby Glow, Rose Ivory, and Plum Gold.

I'd like to receive exotic colored flowers but to really make my heart sigh, bring me daisies.

The veins of this rose reminds me of when some of my friends and i would say we bleed blue


The shape of your garden adds as much to its character as do its plants. Colorful flowers like purple irises and wildflowers complement the curvy design in this cottage garden.

Pink, blue, white, flower garden..

Stepheny Houghtlin says: A beautiful path through a bejeweled garden of pinks, purples, white. I love this color combination.