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Lewis Carroll, 1832–1898. “Ocean Chart.” Printed map, 13 × 8.2 cm

triplecanopy: Lewis Carroll, ‘Ocean Chart’ or ‘The Hunting of the Snark (An Agony in 8 Fits)’, (via: mythologyofblue)

https://flic.kr/p/nJqXfZ | Streets | 21 x 29,7cm, ink on paper, Kevin Lucbert, 2014.

*continuous line drawing, featuring iconic building or architectural style typical to city* --All ink? Behind blue lines – Kevin Lucbert [Gallery]

Martin Davorin-Jagodić recordings,  extremely intricate graphic scores.

Graphic Scores by Martin Davorin-Jagodić

As somebody with one foot in the visual art world and the other in sound world, I have always been interested in the experimental music notation strategies. Aside from the fact that these are often beautiful artifacts, I…

the docks from woolwich to the tower

1882 map of River Thames, Perry and Lane docks to the left of the Tower of London

"Reconstruction and its Aftermath", a part of the African American Odyssey exhibition by the Library of Congress, is about the difficulty free blacks faced during the reconstruction period.

Sol LeWitt | The concept, he wrote, is the most important thing about the work; it is “the machine that makes the art.”1 Following LeWitt’s logic, any drawing or diagram produced by the artist is to be regarded as part of his thought process and thus occupies a privileged position in his oeuvre as a record of the artist’s ideas.

Figure Sol LeWitt, Three-Part Variations on Three Different Kinds of Cubes 1967 Ink and graphite on paper, 11 x 23 inches x cm) © 2012 The LeWitt Estate / Artists Rights.

Anthony Hill: geometrical serial inspirer

Anthony Hill is an English artist, painter and relief-maker, originally a member of the post-World War II British art movement termed the Constructionist Group whose work was essentially in the international constructivist tradition.