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Isn’t this bed dreamy? Can’t you just imagine curling up under this mosquito netting with a good book and a nice, hot cup of tea? I love the hurricane lamp and the shutters…

Natural light in a cozy room over looking a stream

There is nothing more soothing than waking to the sound of flowing water Peaceful jungle hideaway ft willows sleepy locks PC: This sacred space is called hideout bali - you can find it on airBnB. by tentree

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guest bedroom nook that offers guests privacy if you close the sliding door, and is an open, nook-y space otherwise. bookshelves feel off-balance to me, but yay books! Moon to Moon: Hibernation: Cosy bedroom nooks. ---- This would so be my room.

ugh... would love to see it rain over my bed.. (proabably has leaking problems a lot though :(  )

Special room in the attic for rainy days and starry nights. Perfect loft Idea for my tiny house

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Shop outdoor fire pits and accessories to match, from log holders, tools, and roasting sticks to log bundles and fire starters.

A vintage dresser stuffed with books, vintage finds, and meditation beads

Inside a Supermodel's Rustic California Retreat