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FREE SHIPPING Puppy Scarf- Dog scarf, cowl, dachshund scarf, cowl, small dog scarf, cowl on Etsy, $16.00

Puppy Scarf Dog scarf cowl dachshund scarf cowl small by AbbeyGrim

...No words...just love

Sweet baby - doxie in a wheelchair catching a nap in his bed. Makes my heart warm!

everytime i tell her to get in the laundry room or the car... yet when i say "let's go to GiGi's" she runs out the door before i can even open it all the way... light of my life

When my mom tells me to get in my kennel, I pretend to be paralyzed so she has to carry me. This is SO LD, but insert "When my mom tells me to come here, or it's time for bed, or anything of the sort.

Dachshund Sleep Study Art Print. Illustrations of my pet dachshund's sleeping postions in black on white

Dachshund Sleep Study Art Print Illustrations by whitewiththree. I have seen my Dachshund sleep like all of these!

Weiner Dog Races at Berges Fest!

Father's Day, Berges Fest, Food, Parade, Boerne!!! Be There

Weenie Dog Races at Berges Fest-Father's Day Weekend i wanna go to a wiener race soooo bad.

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Dachshunds come in many colors and sizes. This is one of my favorite colors and I love long-hair doxies. I have one long-hair and one short-hair.

Schnorkel. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ dauchshund dauchshunds weenier weeniers weenie weenies hot dog hotdogs doxie doxies ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Doxie Schnorkle - Every daschund owner has surely witnessed this favorite weenie dog move! This is so true. Rosco does it all the time.

Yes, you are...:)

Cute pictures of animals with sayings. Cute pictures of animals with sayings. Cute funny pictures of animals with sayings.


Mini Dachshund Chocolate Dapple Female What a princess.love the pearl necklace

#Honda concept car for #dog owners - LOVE!

Honda - dog friendly concept car in Japan. Dog: get me out of this damn glove compartment!

The babies are all snuggled in for the night. ♥

oh where.oh where r my doggies .oh where oh . I looked around for my doggies and there I see.my doggies sleeping in my bed. Your Bed is the Best Bed for your doggies.in this case your doxies.Love U

Racing until the very end.  My dog Dobie would try to trip them all so he could win.

WIENER DOG RACES The Annual Buda Wiener Dog Races take place this coming weekend. I don’t advocate dog racing but this sounds like it’s just for fun, so may the best dachshund win!