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A eterna busca...: Espécies raras de felinos

A Golden Tiger, Golden Tabby Tiger or Strawberry Tiger, an extremely rare color variation caused by a recessive gene that is currently only found in captive tigers. There are currently believed to be fewer than 30 of these rare tigers in the world.

Tigre branco

A White Tiger Cub: "The Earth, and all the animals upon it; has music for those who would just care to stop and listen.

Jaguar- Frans Lanting                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Jaguar Stalking, Panthera Onca, Belize

Jaguar stalking, Panthera onca, Belize by Franz Lanting

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A Lion Cub Plays Hide And Seek Wildlife Rescue Photograph by Dave Welling - A Lion Cub Plays Hide And Seek

bigcatkingdom:  sumatraanse tijger blijdorp IMG_0319 by j.a.kok on Flickr.

~~Sumatran Tiger by j.kok~~ strength and determination. A true warrior.

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Sick Tiger Cub Gets Rescued From Circus, Makes Incredible Recovery And Finds…Vitaly I'm the sick cub