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Via Toledo  Napoli Agosto 2014

Via Toledo Napoli Agosto 2014

Pompeii.  The bird's-eye view is nice.

A paper, wood and plaster scale model of Pompeii by the archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli between 1861 and This had to be a real scare?


Saint Sophia (Hagia Sophia) and the entrance of the Bosphorus in the background, Istanbul - Turkey.

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Best Things To Do In Naples Italy (Naples Points Of Interests)

If you& wondering what to do in Naples Italy, see these things to do in Naples here. These 24 Naples Italy points of interests are the best attractions.

Pompeii, Italy. This history is awesome. The volcano erupted and the lava covered the whole village. Now the whole village is ALWAYS going to be remembered. I have wanted to go here for years.

These people were in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The eruption released tons of pumice, a light volcanic rock. It completely buried the town and the people. Under the pumice, the bodies were preserved. -- That's creepy

Royal Palace and Park in Peterhof, St. Petersburg, Russia

Royal Palace & Park in Petergof, St.Petersburg, Russia ~ sometimes called Russian Versailles

Piazza di Spagna, Roma, Italy @ Dusk

Piazza di Spagna, Roma, Italy Spanish Steps I would love to go back to Rome!

Itália - Verona

Renaissance balconies above the Caffe Al Teatro in Verona, Italy - Beautiful!

Amalfi Coast Scenic Road, Italy

Back roads scenic route. The Amalfi Coast Scenic Road ~ never fails to dazzle you with stunning views and one of National Geographic Ultimate Road Trips.