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lifequotesfamouspeoplephotos: “Portrait photography - Benedict Cumberbatch by Paola Kudacki ”

At this point I'm 150% positive that this man is my soul mate.  Our mutual love of socks will be the foundation to our relationship.

Benedict Sockerbatch…

Benedict Cumberbatch's glow in the dark socks. i swear i love glow in the dark things

That look he gave Irene here.. I knew he was hooked for sure☺♥

In character as Ben is still stunning This is the face of a man who says "I'm Not Gorgeous" Ben . yes you are

benedict cumberbatch <3

I used to wonder what the fuss was about this guy, until I watched Sherlock-Now I get it-Cumberbatch, nuff said!

Great actor in Sherlock and can't wait to see him in Star Trek 2

Just stunning. I love you Ben. Yes I'll marry you Ben. Of course ill have sex with you Ben. Il totally grow old with you Ben.