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The Buried Life = 4 guys on a mission to complete a list of things to do before you die and to help others go after their lists. We post things that inspire us. Coffee for your eyes. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE?

this is your life

Not just a New Years resolution: Live your life to the fullest! This is your life, do what you love, and do it often. Start doing things you love. Life is simple. Live your dream and share your passion. This is your Life Manifesto Print.

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'She's one in a million kinda girl . Never be defined by someone who has no idea who you are

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This is a great quote by Ronald Reagan that would be awesome to put up in the classroom. It would be inspirational for students as well as being a way to talk about Ronald Reagan.

I'm yours forever.

Seduce my mind & you can have my body. Find my soul & I'm yours forever. One of the sexiest things I have ever read.

da mo 1210 Daily motivation (25 photos)

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Things to Remember.all true except i would replace tea with wine on number 9 :)

"You give away nice like it doesn't cost you anything." "It doesn't cost me anything. It's not like smiling at strangers exhausts my overall supply.

Make motivational quotes with your photos and create your own source of inspiration. Four things to consider when designing your own inspirational quotes

We wouldn’t be able to function without Inspiration. Monday quotes, books, art, and photography, we love to open this door and let the inspiration flow in.