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Slavenwerk was het wassen vroeger

I remember helping my grandmother with the wringer washer. We always helped out on wash day when we could, even if we sometimes accidentally made the clean things dirty.

April 1936. "Interior of rehabilitation client's house. Jackson, Ohio." 35mm negative by Theodor Jung for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.

Tuck this away and ponder it next time you want to complain about your crappy apartment or drafty house. (April "Interior of rehabilitation client's house." negative by Theodor Jung for the Farm Security Administration.

life on the farm...reminds me of Gran....

Depression Era Cooking - facts about the depression & recipes at the end of the site

Photographs of Us: Black sharecropper mother homeschooling her children, January 1939 in Transylvania, Louisiana.

"Negro sharecropper mother teaching children numbers and alphabet in home." - January, 1939 // by Russell Lee for the Resettlement Administration. From Shorpy

wire mesh Fly Swatter got swatted plenty by my grandma for my smart mouth h aha they hurt too

Real Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter

A summer necessity: the fly swatter. Forgo the flimsy unappealing plastic variety and consider the Good Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter with a wire frame, wood h

Farmhouse Kitchen [circa 1945]

When I was little all Mams and Nanas looked like this ! Except now and again a Lady would wear a flowery three quarter long sleeved overall ! We soon figured out that there was going to be a baby in that persons house before long ! Never wondered how !

Ice Cream cone factory 1917 in OK.

12 14 year old steady workers Interior of Workshop of Sanitary Ice Cream Cone Co. by Lewis Hine 1917

early 1900s kitchen - Google Search

New York circa "Interior of tenement." All the conveniences, including a somewhat incongruous couch on wheels. When you look at this in full size you can see the family photos clearly.


Framed vintage photograph of August Family between Dallas and Austin. Photo by Dorothea Lange.

Vintage kitchen, 1915 via Shorpy

HOUSING, FAMILY: "Dinner at Broad Channel." Summer cottage in the Jamaica Bay, Queens, island community circa Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Broad Channel: 1915

April 1937-Flood refugee family in tent at Tent City near Shawneetown, Illinois. "Is that a toy motorcycle on the floor to the mother's right? The youngest has a doll. And mother saved her sewing machine (a major investment and a tool for further savings by making things). Today, after the family members, what would we save? Photo albums? Computer disks with photos?"  Photo by Russell Lee

"Flood refugee family in tent at Tent City near Shawneetown, Illinois." April 1937 Photo by Russell Lee for the Resettlement Administration.