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Libyan Couscous with Onion & Vegetables كسكسي ليبي بالبصلة والخضرة

Libyan Couscous with Onion & Vegetables كسكسي ليبي بالبصلة والخضرة

Today’s guest post is from Kaloud “Kay” of A Crafty Arab. I first learned about her site several years ago when few bloggers were talking about Ramadan. She is a Libyan American artist who creates art to promote a positive image of Arab culture. I have to admit I’m not nearly as creative as she […]

Libyan Sharmoula {Tomato and Cucumber Dip}

This guest post from Kay of a Crafty Arab is for a traditional Libyan sharmoula that is eaten as a salad or dip. It's perfect for summertime.

culture libyan - food "Bazeen"

LIBYA: Bazeen بازين An amazing Libyan dish I ate when I visited my family years ago. I love this! Such fond memories of family coming together and eating together.

libyan food: Libyan Soup with Lamb and Mint: Sharba Libiya شربة ليبية

As its name suggests Libyan Soup is our national dish, equally popular in all regions and summing up in a spoonful the flavours that dominat.

libyan food: Libyan Home-made Pasta: Megata/Rishdet Burma مقطع/رشدة برمة

Megata (literally: chopped) is also known as Rishdet Burma in Tripoli - Burma means pot and this is to distinguish it from Rishdet Kaska.

Debla     THE LIBYAN   Esther Kofod   www.estherkofod.com

Debla THE LIBYAN Esther Kofod www.estherkofod.com

libyan food: Libyan Herb Bread - Khubzah bil A3shab خبزة بالأعشاب

This is a recipe for savory bread with a spongy texture which uses sfinz dough , and comes out soft and just right every time. In Liby.

libyan food: Steamed Pasta with Pumpkin and Raisins: Makaruna Imbaukha مكرونة مبوخة

Makaruna Imbaukha originates from East Libya, but is known throughout the country. A more time-consuming version is rishda imbaukha which c.