Wedding Dress - Emma Domb, 1950s

Wedding Dress Emma Domb, Timeless Vixen Vintage - similar to my mothers wedding dress

Beautiful Spring Dress I would love to have something to wear this too... prob can't aford it any way if I did

5 Things I Love Sunday

Amber (dance)-During the Corny Collins show, Amber would wear this dress. It is very puffy, which was popular for teenage girls during the early sixties. The dress has floral designs, which were also popular. Amber wears lots of floral in the movie.

1950s Dresses, Vixen, Hair Makeup, Shirts, Blouses

Emma Domb, 1950s  Not sure I love the style, but I LOVE the color combo - peach and dark copper!

Vintage Emma Domb Designer-Couture Iridescent Champagne-Peach and Copper-Bronze Ruched Strapless Rockabilly Princess Sculpted Side-Peplum Goddess Circle-Skirt Wedding Formal Evening Cocktail Party Dress Gown and Matching Shawl

1950's vintage polka-dot dress. Red hair and pearls and I would love feeling like Lucille Ball for the day!

Party Dress: polka-dot sheer nylon chiffon, linen Peter Pan collar button-trimmed bodice, lined circle skirt.