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織田信長の鎧がファッションリーダーすぎる - NAVER まとめ

織田信長の鎧がファッションリーダーすぎる - NAVER まとめ

Suji bachi kabuto,  hatomune byo-toji yoko-hagi okegawa dou gusoku, kabuto signed Echizan nu Kuni Toyohara Jū Bamen Tomotsugu Saku (Made by Bamen Tomotsugu, residing in Toyohara, Echizen Province [Fukui Prefecture]). Bamen Tomotsugu was the leading armorer of the Bamen School in the eighteenth century. Complete armors signed by him are extremely rare.

C Japan - helmet signed by Bamen Tomotsugu. Armor (Gusoku), C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Etsuko O. Morris and John H., in memory of Dr.

Suit of Armor 1700-1799 Edo Period Japan David Owsley Museum of Art

fashionsfromhistory: Suit of Armor Edo Period Japan David Owsley Museum of Art


Samurai bling: Crazy armor and helmets from medieval Japan

Dō-maru, circa 1550, iron, lacquer, leather, silk, gilt copper,  wt. 23 lb. 9 oz. (10.7 kg), this armor is believed to have been given by Date Masamune (died 1636), one of the most famous daimyo (lords) of his time, to a high-ranking samurai in his service, Shiraishi Bungo, gift of Bashford Dean 1914, Met Museum.

Shiraishi Bungo's Dō-maru (c. 1550 CE Japan) CE Gift of Bashford Dean, Met Museum)