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“omfg i HATE when kids scream in public. u have no real problems. it should be me screaming.

yea it has to be a balanced amount

the only thing that keeps me sane is the thought of decorating my first apartment tbh

should I change my theme over to fall stuff yet or

☾ ☼ αмαуα✧ ↠{ιмαρєиgυιи}↞ ☾☼ it's actually Monday and I'm v sad

The natural progression:

22 Pictures People Who Are Good Students Will Never Understand

if i dont respond to your comment or something you've tagged me in i probably just haven't seen it. my notifications are extremely hard to go through and i do my best to respond to everyone. don't ever think in ignoring you because im not i love you guys

If you don't talk in a group chat for 5 mins you miss 42 sets of plans and 56 arguments but if you say something you don't get a reply.

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ew i hate my recorded voice and need to for my singing hobby shit -_-