I absolutely adore this. I'll make it in a different colour though.

Atelier Verdande - 1180 blaiut with structure/cut girdle (belt) lovely detail & colors Mehr

Naturally Dyed Diamond Twill Viking Dress by LadyMalinaCom on Etsy

I like this square collar over lay. I was going to applque wool over my green linen gown, but after seeing this I may go with silk

Resultado de imagen para vikingos VESTIMENTA

Idealized stylistic representation of an ancient Slavic couple. (From a historical standpoint, at least they like each other-her father probably sold her for a cow or something.

Viking age apron dress by NornasMystery on Etsy

With a few tweaks I can make this work and all the messy eaters out there like me can finally consume their vittles without worry.

"950 AD viking woman" - tea towel apron made of wool with "sleeveless klappenrock vest"

AD viking woman" - German, self-described "Medieval Lady" from Frankfurt. I'm intrigued by the sleeveless "klappenrock" jacket/vest she made. I don't think I've ever seen that in any other Viking-era female costumes.

I like this idea - wearing the main dress with or without the overdress. Useful for when it& absurdly hot out and you gotta cut back on layers!