This is a well put together casual fun day. The chocolate jacket, boots and hat are casual and timeless.I love the long sweater, jeans and matching bag!

Maglia donna tunica abito maglione cappotto di BANDofTAILORS

I've been searching everywhere for a sweater dress, flat brown boots, and knitted boot "socks" one pinner said. I need longer and no brown as I am a winter.

Süß <3 wer sagt Hüte wären altmodisch, der irrt

Learn How To Use The Color Brown To Up The Fashion Ante

Shirt and jumper

Stylish Classic Business Casual with a hint of plaid: White Sweater, Leather Handbag, Black Jeans and Accessories

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The cut of the jacket is perfect! fall spring outfits womens fashion clothes style apparel clothing closet ideas all brown