I love this drawing!!!

Name: Kitten Age: 16 Fandom: OHSHC Family: Tamaki (brother) Crush: Kyoya Personality: Girly, nice, sarcastic, friendly.

Sakio is goth, overly sensitive, and absolutely adorable! Being only 11 she finds dresses and skirts perfect for school; but they have to be gothic Lolita!

The manga artwork is presented in different media such as magazines, applications and more. In today's showcase, we will present Amazing Examples of Manga and Anime Artwork that includes artwork from different artists and styles.

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Yet another young anime that reminds me of my Friend. :) She's always glued to her computer screen.her cat sitting quietly in her lap.

Charcoal gesture silhouette

There is two types of spirits in this universe, the light and the dark. Shadow was light and Angel was dark.

#boutique #pink #black #erasz

#boutique #pink #black #erasz

dashiana: “ Hopefully you are ready for a new pastel lingerie series, because the Grinning Princess is about to don these beloved undergarments again! This week, Koneko-Chan would like to remind.

Enakei ★

I really like this anime girl's eye makeup, hair bow, and nail art. I really really like this anime look. (Reminds me of Miskai Mei a little)

She had heart failure but her sister ally gave Isabella her heart to prove how much she loved her.So Isabella trys to not talk about it but preys for her sister to be in heaven for being so nice

Lento [più] tagliare tutti i livelli dalla fine della guerra NPC indossa caldo è…

I'm Crissie, or at least that's what you can call me since I never give out my real name. I'm 14 and I'm what you'd call a "goth-Lolita-girl" type of gal. My codename is "The Kawaii Assassin" because I can hook anyone on charm!

More in Alone and Happy! Comment what you think of my little series so far!

It’s not like a lot like most anime pictures I’ve seen. But it really does show how we artist have art blocks and for me music really does help.