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Trying like heck to grow my hair. This is the perfect length for me and I love this casual look. Well, the patient LV bag doesn't hurt either.

jennifer lopez luzes nos cabelos

Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights. Caramel highlights come out best on brunette or brown hair than blonde hair. Caramel charm is most worth, if you want a sparkling effect on your brown hair.

Will you be surprised if you see some hairstyle very popular today but tomorrow it is just out of ark? Will you? I guess you will not, because you know already how hairstyle changes season to season.  Read this article you will get here 20 pony hairstyles.  Discover more: Pony Hairstyles for long, Pony Hairstyles high, Pony Hairstyles wedding, Pony Hairstyles for prom

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Going blonde next week, hoping this is the outcome...

I got blonde highlights but mixed with my nautral hair color brown i need to get ,y hair done again my roots are showing!