Lola's Mini Homes: Dollhouse No.4

Lola's Mini Homes: Dollhouse (Does one of the girls need inspiration for a Romeo Juliet balcony?

Underside of 1:12 scale dollhouse table (shows the apron) | Source:

Make Simple Tables for Doll House or Miniature Scenes

Architecture of Tiny Distinction: A Tiny Staircase Tutorial

I decided to redo the staircase for the Fairfield. The house comes with stairs, but they are positioned in an awkward spot and do not make .

Little Trimmings - Rik Pierce Workshop - May 2008 perfect roofing

Little Trimmings: Small-scale haberdashery for the miniaturist and doll maker

Como Fazer Mobiliario Em Miniatura... - Edicris

A note: saw where someone found photo online of louvered closet door panel - saved, adjusted size for printing - no painting! Just glued it onto cardstock trimmed same dimensions.