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Men of the East

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The Beauty Of Horror


Horrormovie Addict : Photo- my worst nightmare would be this kind of abduction and torture. All these movies scared me big time

That one time I stood on a street corner like this for hours XD creeped everyone out, then when they tried to get closer, I would bite them. Sure, may not be super effective, but man it was fun!

Weither you love it or hate it you can not deny that Yolandi Visser of the South African Hip Hop Zef band Die Antwoord has some seriouse style going on. LOVE OR HATE?

Namibia's Himba Tribe's Hairstyles Denote Status

Good look: Little boys wear the same plaited hairdo as unmarried men

Kayapo Tribe

A indigenous girl of the Caiapo tribe poses for pictures at the Kari-Oca village during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, or Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday, June