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The 21 Stages Of Having Your Life Completely Ruined By Flappy Bird

The 21 Stages Of Having Your Life Completely Ruined By Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird: Lie down in a puddle of your own ugly tears and regret. 21 Stages of Having Your Life Completely Ruined by Flappy Bird

Tumblr in a nut shell (also what has ruined my life >>).


This is one of my favorite posts ever. I'm laughing too hard at this

Ahem... No.

I hate when people argue with me about Percy Jackson when they've only seen the movie.

pakalu papito

Donald Trump Just Proved Buying Twitter Followers Works

Fandoms are Sid

sid the sloth is my spirit animal - And yes i know that this movie is not a disney movie but hey its funny

I must be hella attractive, all I do is smile and laugh all day, it's my personality.

bahaha, but seriously! This is a pretty cool fact. lol thats comment, there are 2 kinds of people, but well that fact makes sense

LET ME JOIN YOU IN THAT GRU. But then the fact I eat so much becomes a problem. Then I eat more instead of facing that problem.


Excuse the very inappropriate language. But the last blue comment is awesome I could see cashiers doing this.

Because it's true..there's something about when a guy gets a haircuts that girls don't like...

True love is having a crush on him even after he got a haircut