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The Floating Book by Evanola on DeviantART

The Floating Book by Evanola on DeviantART movie/book: The Book Theif

Rudy Steiner, exactly how I pictured him. The Book Theif

Rudy Steiner fan art, handsome is all I can say, he is also best friends with Liesel. Rudy a lemon haired boy that loves running and playing soccer. He also loves messing with Liesel.

Rudy famously asks Liesel this question throughout the book. Rudy since the beginning had always liked Liesel. He also made it very known that he did. His persistence is amazing, not once does he give up.

This is my favorite piece of Book Thief fan art! Rudy does look a bit different than he does in the movie, though.

The Book Thief: There once was a girl, who had a friend that lived in the shadows. She would remind him how the sun felt on his skin and the air felt like to breathe, and that reminded her that she was still alive.

The Book Thief had many amazing parts that made it a good book. Some of these are shown in these photos, like the bombing and Liesel hugging her dad, Hans.


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