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Book Thief

The value of an honest friend is the greatest gift of all.

Wonderful surprises

Wonderful surprises

The Book Thief ~

Instead of Liesel telling Max what the weather is, she bought snow inside for him. This eventually led to a snow fight and building a snowman.

An important scene image is the basement. Many things happened in the basement. One included where Liesel was taught how to read and write from one her papa. Another importance is where Liesel spent much of time here with Max

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The Book Thief ~ OK I'm going to go on one of my little rants, one of the things I really hated is when someone say 'oh yah I love the Book Thief, or what ever amazing book really, and I'm like yah its a great book but its sooooo sad. And there all yah Rudy or whoever is soooo cute! Wait there's a book?' Oh my gosh really, ifyou haven't read the books then you arn't a true fan.  Rant over ;P

This is when Rudy found out Liesel was stealing books . Rudy clearly knew that she wasn't just borrowing it . Rudy even called Liesel a Book Thief.

I love this part so much <3

This scene shows Maxs and Liesels reunite after the holocaust. It shows how Liesels power of words helped Max through the concentration camp. The image shows the joy of both Max and Liesel and how their friendship never gave up but grew stronger.

~ Keep the streets empty for me  ~

~ Keep the streets empty for me ~