i'm dauntless, this is perfect

❤️ Fourtris Infinity ❤️ - Chapter 24 : Getting ready for the Ballroom Party !!!!

tanment:  when will my fictional character come into reality….who needs reality **picks up book again**

Definitely the shadow Hunter,demigod or wizard( Tobias and Peeta are awesome and I love them but they're mundanes)


Divergent: so true! Way more than the bad wagoners who just saw the movie and now say they are fans! Read the book and realize how much you REALLY missed out on that the movie never showed you!

Divergent quote

Teacher: I'm afraid you failed your science te- Me: The test. Work on me. I'm Divergent and I can't be controlled. *jumps out window*

Re-read #Divergent and you can feel better about how #Allegiant ends. :)

Re-read Divergent and you can feel better about how Allegiant ends. This honestly didn't make me feel any better.

Can't tell if I'm giggling because I'm exhausted or because it's funny. I'll want to see this again in a while.

Faction mottos: Dauntless: You Only Live Once Amity: Laugh Out Loud Candor: To Be Honest Erudite: By The Way Abnegation: What About You